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Dear Student,

For the 2023/2024 academic year, the University of Messina offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the project frequency recovery.

This is a form of recovery from the obligation to attend and which will cover all the courses that you were unable to attend face-to-face in the first academic year because you were not yet enrolled in our University.

From the moment of enrollment, you, like all your University mates, are required to attend the lessons in person. In any case, your University offers you the possibility to recover all the lost frequencies by accessing the platform https://recuperofrequenze.unime.it where all the video lessons of your Degree Course delivered so far have been uploaded.

You have been provided with your personal credentials to access it, you will have the opportunity to attend the courses by the end of the current academic year, or until 31 December 2024.

By accessing each individual lesson module, you will be informed about the limits you are required to use the video lessons, at the end of the same you will have to declare or not that you have seen the entire lesson. At the start of the video lesson, you will have a limited time to complete the viewing, approximately double the length of the recording. At the end of the activities, a report, for the exclusive use of the Department colleagues, will certify the attendance time needed to obtain the percentage necessary to complete the attendance obligation (paragraph 1, article 7 of the Degree Program Academic Regulations).

For any technical question or doubt on the platform, a link will be available to redirect you with the contact person of your Department.

Welcome to our University